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The Adventures of Bove Sandle
Visions of Revenge

December 2024

Bove still has visions telling him to get the colony removed from Kryth. He ignores them and is placed in the bog. He gives in to the Krytheans’ demands. Lucy discovers how to counter the visions and get Bove out of trouble.

Vestaria Cover.png

Vesteria - The Waking Dragon

June, 2025

Vestaria is a land ruled by the Catternaer family of six cat-like persons known as Darwanies and referred to as Darcats.
The Catamire family lives in Catamire castle overlooking the small town of Arbila.
Diamonsteneez, a newly awakened dragon invades the kingdom and is determoined to take control, but Princess Bleu, the only member of the Catamire family that has magic to influence others, is determined to help banish the dragon even though she is untrained in her magic.


The golden Scepter

In Progress

The Golden Scepter is the story of a magic scepter that holds great power. Edwin finds it and binds himself to its magic, but before he can return it he is assaulted by the Black Knights who take the scepter for Kievcor the ruler of the eastern lands of Man. It is the scepter's magic that keeps the doorway open between the land of Man and that of the elves. The loss of the scepter could cause the doorway to close forever sealing the elves from the land of man.



In Progress

A deadly bacteria is mistakenly released by an overanxious attendant rushing to leave on a visit to his dying mother in Africa. The bacteria is an experimental bio-weapon that is being researched for an antibacterial agent. Which has yet to be developed.

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