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Current Works

I’m working on chapter fifteen of Visions of Revenge (working title). It is near the end of the first draft. I will be printing it once I finish the last couple of chapters. I am thinking I will break the book up into many more chapters of shorter length—makes the reading easier and quicker.


I have two events in June. The first is the Hometown Novel Night in Newnan, GA on June 7th. It’s an evening event from 6 to 9 pm on the street near the Carnegie Library. If there’s bad weather it will be moved into the library, so in either case, the event will go on.

On June 22 I’ll be at the Crazy Book Lady’s RPG day with Denise (my wife). I will be selling and signing books, and Denise will have purses and bracelets for sale. It should be a fun day.

I attended the first session of the critique group. There are several members in the group, but only a few were at this meeting, six I think. We discussed marketing and critiquing. No one had pages to submit for review, but maybe next time.

I never heard from the radio interview host about when it would be aired. I think it got bumped for other interviews. Well, the experience was good and will probably help in other interviews. Such is life.

I’m still waiting to hear about Dragoncon.


I’m still not walking every day, although I do try to make an effort to walk as many days as I can. I know it will help me lose weight and keep me in better shape, so I must continue to work on doing it every day. I do take Sundays off. I also go up and down the stairs several times a day that’s good for me.

Pumpkin continues to gain weight every time I take him to the vet. He’s been eating really well. We had to switch him to baby food because he wasn’t eating the regular cat food, he seems to like it.
Bleu finally starting to come out in the mornings to see me when I clean her litter pan. She meows to say ‘hi’ and lets me pet her a bit, then she goes to her food for breakfast. She does come out later in the day to Denise and talk to her. She avoids me for the most part.
Tommy, the turtle, is still going, same as ever.

Updated June 3, 2024

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